Located in Montvale, NJ, the Montvale Surgical Center is home to some of the region’s finest surgeons and health practitioners. Our multidisciplinary practice includes its own Minimally Invasive Spinal Care Center, a Regenerative Medicine Division, Board Certified surgeons and anethesiologists and an exceptional staff dedicated to providing you with high quality medical care in a patient-friendly environment.

Our newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility utilizes some of the most advanced medical equipment available today, and offers ample parking and a luxurious reception area.

We are Medicare Certified and enjoy an excellent reputation among doctors and patients alike. We consistently receive high marks from patient satisfaction surveys.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Much of the year 2009 and up to May of 2010 I suffered with ever worsening left shoulder pain. In May of 2010…an MRI on my left shoulder…showed a lot of tendonitis and some smaller tears. I wanted to avoid surgery because of my job, and surgery is a long healing process…After having my PRP treatment from Dr. Gamburg and his staff I have had better than hoped for results. No more pain and much greater range. Overall I would highly recommend the Montvale Surgical Center, Dr. Gamburg and his staff.

During the time I was thinking what course to take, I heard about PRP on a couple of radio programs. So I went online to see what Platelet Rich Plasma was all about. After researching I realized this seemed the best way to go with little or no time lost from work.

After having my PRP treatment from Dr. Gamburg and his staff I have had better than hoped for results. No more pain and much greater range. Overall I would highly recommend the the Montvale Surgical Center, Dr. Gamburg and his staff.

Mark P.
I would like to thank Dr. Levesque for performing the PRP procedure to help treat my plantar fasciitis at the Montvale Surgical Center. The staff was on time, very pleasant and professional. I was amazed the entire procedure took less than 30 minutes and was totally painless. My recovery was extremely easy and quicker than expected. I was on my feet and back to the gym in no time. I have already recommended PRP to my friends and family, and will continue to do so!
Anthony R., NY
My PRP therapy experience was a very easy procedure. Before the treatment I was crying with every step. I was 90% pain free after just the first week, and now three months later, I’m almost 100% pain free! I love the holistic aspect of it with no drugs, no cortisone, and letting the body heal itself with a quick recovery. I would highly recommend it to others!
Darlene, NJ

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) Therapy

My experience with the Montvale Surgical Center has been a Godsend. I walked in with extreme lower back pain that I have had for years. I tried chiropractic approaches, physical therapy, acupuncture, and various other forms of healing that solved the problem of pain for a while, but the pain always seemed to come back. I thought there was nothing that could be done to diminish the pain altogether or at least alleviate it so that I may move around comfortably. From the minute I sat down with the staff for a consultation, my mind was put at ease. Everyone is so very helpful and considerate of what you, as a patient, are going through. They take their time to comfort you in any way they can.

I have had the facet block as well as the RFA procedures on my lower back. The facet block was interesting in the sense that I felt instant relief the day after the procedure. It is almost as if the pain seemed to melt away. Because the facet block showed positive results we decided that the RFA procedure would hopefully distribute long term relief. I could not have asked for a better result! My lower back has been wonderful! Dr. Gamburg and the staff at the Montvale Surgical Center were very helpful.

The entire experience was well worth the wait of not having everything sooner in life. I highly recommend anyone who has tried other medical options with little or no result to consider going to the Montvale Surgical Center. It may be the best decision you make to make your pain melt away!
Sandhya P., Montvale Surgical Patient